Kumkum Bhagya written update
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Kumkum Bhagya written update 24 may 2018

Kumkum Bhagya written update

Kumkum Bhagya written update
Kumkum Bhagya

The serial episode starts in the washroom of the restaurant by Tanu seeing pragya . She shocked and hide in the bathroom.  Tanu remembered the words of Suvarna Dadi and Abhi said that he can do anything. She thinks whether she really saw pragya or that was her illusion? Tanu follows her and says that she must be pragya . She saw her in reality. Tanu looks Abhi coming from the other side and thinks that I have spent 7 years of my life with Abhi, and if i left them to meet , it was my failure. She stops Abhi from going towards her . Abhi says that I am going to drink water. Tanu stops abhi and asks why he is looking shocked ? Abhi says that you are looking shocked .

Kumkum Bhagya written update on 24 may 2018  

Tanu gives water to him and asks that you do not ask me where did I go? Abhishek says that we live together, but we are not worried in each other matters. He goes. Pragya also goes. Tanu tries to inquire about her .Abhi Comes and asks what happened? Disha says sunny is not going to school. Abhi says that you are sunny … and asked him what happened? Sunny tells that the girl makes her very upset. Abhi asked Disha to give water and send it to him. Abhi gives ideas to tease her . Disha brings water Sunny agrees to go to school. Disha gets surprised . Abhi says that Sunny will do everything now. Sunny imagined to pour water on the kaira and apologize to her. After that he thinks of make her fall and then opening her hair style. Sunny thinks to teach her a lesson.

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Tanu comes home and thinks it can not happen, how can she come back. He thinks who will give a job to behenji and think she is an employee there or not. She thinks someone can know her and I have to find out. Sunny thinks about spraying in the kaira eyes and packing it. He thinks that she will soon find out that I am the nephew of Abhi. Tanu comes near the dadi. Grandma asked, did you see pragya in the restaurant ? She tells her to find a room in Dharamsala and tells that pragya has come back to take you out from this house. Find a way soon to get rid of her . Tanu says nothing will happen. The dadi asked them to take stress because their dreams would be incomplete to become Mrs. World.

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Tanu thinks that Pragya had not come for Abi, why did she come?she might have some other valid reason. What was that reason i have to find out. Abhi comes to meet for different albums. Previously abhi was also shocked to see pragya but he didn’t take so much stress on his mind. He sees the king there and says that I will not stop today. He said that I told you earlier that I do not want to see the face of this man. The customer asks him to rest. Abhi says that the album will not be made with them. The king says that the singer will love his singing, not his image. Abhi says that if you talk about it, then I will not stop. The customer tells them to listen and says that he has worked hard and has put many efforts and money into it.

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They say that you can not see that the album will be a big success. King says that I do not have time to chit chat. It shows them popularity charts. The King says that I know before. The customer tells that Abi and King have got similar popularity. India is accepting the king here.Customers say that your combo will burn the music industry. Abhi and King looks impossible. And it will not be true in future. The client says that both of you are behaving immature like divorce cases. Abhi says that I do not want to share their screen space with them. The King also tells like abhi . Customers say that you will get popularity in London and India.

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He said that he made his own album and tells that there are millions of likes and comments in it. His assistant read some comments. Customers say that your popularity will double and they will be asked to keep their differences separate and think.
That was all about the 24 may2018 Kumkum Bhagya written update. Please be available with us to read more about Kumkum Bhagya next episode. We will come soon !

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